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Tenant Utilities

Moving should be fun, not tedious, so we help tenants set up council tax and water as well as find the best deals on broadband, energy and insurance. 



Moving house is painful enough without spending hours setting up bills.

We find the best broadband, energy and insurance deals available at your new address, share them with tenants and help set up council tax and water.

We made money from commission on sales we make but fear not, you still get the best deals available (uSwitch and Google make their money this way too!). 


Our system accounts for the varied needs of all tenants from young people living independently for the first time to the elderly looking to downside.


broadband > Move > Energy > Water & council tax > insurance


Utility Suppliers

From household names, like Virgin Media, to challenger brands, like Bulb Energy, we work all the utility suppliers in the UK to ensure tenants get the services that is right for them. 


Data Done Properly

We adhere to GDPR standards through:

1. obtaining proper, informed consent

2. retaining personal data for no longer than necessary

3. customers can opt-out and request access any time

4. using personal data only for it's intended purpose